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IMK Chemicals was founded in 2008. Our office is in Weyher in der Pfalz, located in the middle of the palatinate wine region.
The company is offering all kind of specialty chemicals mainly for electroplating but also in other specialty applications.
The products offered are sourced from reliable and high quality manufacturers around the world. We collect different products and send them together to your production. This saves handling and transportation costs. Just to name some of our world class suppliers like BASF, Grace, ICL, Solvay and Bergische Elektrochemie.
We offer our sales and sourcing experience to find products for you. For whatever you need help please contact us and we will help whoever, and wherever you need us!
All products are warehoused close to Düsseldorf and exported to customers all over the globe.
Please check our product list or just send us an enquiry for anything you might need. We are more than happy to support you with favorable pricing and first class service.
Chemicals for electroplating
we are offering a wide range of chemicals for electroplating
please contact us for detailed information depending on your needs.
> nickel
semibright nickel
bright nickel
hi sulfur nickel  
satin nickel
microporous nickel  
black nickel
> copper
Cyanide copper
Acid copper
Alkaline copper
Bright coppe
pyrophosphate copper
electroless copper
> zinc
acid zinc  
alkaline cyanide free zinc  
alkaline zinc alloys
> tin
Tin alloys like:
> alloys
brightchrome 6+
brightchrome 3+
Our portfolio includes, among other things:
Dicolloy NAPSO3, DIcolloy EHSO3, Dicolloy LOSO, PPS, SPS, MPS, BOZ, PAP, DEP 50, BEO, Golpanol, Lugalvan, Lutron, Lutropur, Plurafac, Poligen, Sokalan, Tamol, Texapon, Allylphenol - OAP, Armeen OD, TKPP - Tetrakaliumpyrophosphat, Ludox, HS 30, Lithium Polysilicate, Mirapol WT, ASI 80, IMK 8882, Tolyltriazol, Benzotriazol, Nicoplex, Mercaptotriazol, Nickelsulfat, Benzylidene Acetone, Barquat MB-80, CAS-OH, Ammoniumbromid, NO 14, EN 16-80, OCBA, 2-Ethylimidahzol, BMP, Pyridin, Ethoxyethylpyridin, TBGE, Potassium Sulphate

If you have any question about our Portfolio, please don't hesitate to contact us
Just send your contact-data using the form below, call us or write us

thanks in advance for your interest in our products
IMK Chemicals GmbH
Ilona Karst (general manager)
Im Seitenviertel 5
76835 Weyher in der Pfalz
Phone +49 (0)6323 9892 939
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We will contact you asap
We will contact you asap
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